Functionality highlights of the v12 release

The release of the Blueback Toolbox v12 includes a series of new updates, all based on feedback from Petrel users worldwide.

Pressure gradient analysis

With the Pressure gradient analysis tool you can import and store pressure data in Petrel. Pressure data can be used to identify fluids, estimate their density, find fluid contacts, resolve compartmentalized reservoirs and more. The tool simplifies the QC of pressure data by plotting it together with lithostatic and hydrostatic gradients, and it is easy to mute and filter data.

  • Import any kind of pressure versus depth data using the flexible Import pressure data dialog
  • The imported pressure data is displayed in the plot window, together with lithostatic and hydrostatic gradients for QC
  • Use the zoom- and mute-functionality to select the points to fit the gradient lines on

  • The fluid contacts are calculated from the intersection of the gradient lines
  • Information about the gradients, densities, contacts and fit quality is stored in the Pressure gradient object

Create 3D completion cells

·         Having problems visualizing and/or understanding the flow around your wells in your reservoir simulation grid? With the Create 3D completion cells tool you can easily show only those cells in your simulation grid that are producing. Select grid and well(s), then pick one or more perforation dates from the updated list, and then you have a new property:

Well with perforation completion. The grid cells that are traversed by that perforation have, in this example, been colored by porosity.

Geo referenced images, GeoTIFF

Quickly migrate geo-referenced maps and satellite imagery directly into your Petrel project.

Velocity Manager Export

This tool exports data from Petrel into files suitable for use with Cambridge Petroleum Software's Velocity Manager tool.

Policy Administration Tool

  • Prepare a global policy file that controls which features of the Toolbox that can be accessed by the end user
  • Useful for companies that need to control which tools each end user can access

Blueback Toolbox User Interface

There have been many changes to the user interface of the Blueback Toolbox, making it easier to find and start your favorite Blueback Toolbox tools. With close to 100 different tools, we have now upgraded the user experience significantly.

1. Location - where is the Blueback Toolbox and the tools?

You can now start the Blueback Toolbox dialog directly from the Petrel toolbar. You can even add your favorite tools to the Petrel toolbar or/and the Petrel menu.

You can get any tools related to a specific object in the context menu.

2. Looks - great new icons for each tool 

The different tools have been given intuitive icons, making them much easier to identify.

3. Search - find the tools easily

At the top of the Toolbox dialog there is now a search dialog making it easy to find your tools by entering parts of their names.

4. Filter your tools according to several criteria

There are also a rich set of filtering options to show only a specific subset of the Toolbox tools, for example all tools that take a seismic volume as input:

Blueback Project Tracker integration

The Blueback Project Tracker is another plug-in product for Petrel from Blueback Reservoir. It is a tool for tracking and monitoring multiple Petrel projects, and it is used by data managers responsible for looking after Petrel projects from multiple users.

Blueback Project Tracker Data Browser

Compare local project with reference project in the Blueback Project Tracker database.  No need to load the reference project which is a big time saver.

Duplicated Seismic Browser

Search for duplicated seismic data in other Petrel projects.

Search in history and comments of objects

  • Search in comments and / or history
  • Search within selected objects or in whole projects
  • Search options include regular expressions
  • Previous searches are remembered